For over 200 years, the Bragg family name has been synonymous with agriculture in the southeast. We’ve spent generations creating connections, building trust, and enriching our communities. Now, we’re bringing top-shelf medical cannabis and an experience like none other to qualified patients in Mississippi.

Welcome to Bragg Canna

Although medical cannabis is new for patients in Mississippi, Bragg Canna’s leadership has a long, multi-generational history of ensuring customer and patient satisfaction in related agricultural and pharmaceutical industries in the Southeastern United States. 

The name behind Bragg Canna stems from Bragg Farms: a 213 year old agricultural brand with roots in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and with impacts felt all over the world. Bragg Farms has spent multiple generations supplying wheat, corn, soy, and cotton to well-known international brands as well as local communities right here in the United States for the purpose of research, propagation, and preservation through crucial seed programs. Throughout generations, Bragg Farms has met the stringent specifications of these international brands in order to adhere to non-GMO requirements that meet EU regulations and specific market standards.

Our roots

In short, we’ve been testing and tracking other agricultural products in a similar manner to the medical cannabis industry long before medical cannabis was an accepted and legal means of healthcare.

Bragg Farms has developed detailed protocols and systems for traceability and safety. These systems have been in place for decades to ensure specific client needs and expectations were met. Since growing medication is a foundational aspect of providing medical cannabis to qualified patients within the State of Mississippi, we know that the generational knowledge and experience within the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries is of vital importance in ensuring patients are provided with medication that is safe, reliable, and effective.

In addition to the Bragg Canna ownership, our team includes seasoned, medical cannabis professionals with experience in other medically-oriented states. It is this experience that uniquely positions Bragg Canna to provide patients in Mississippi with the level of quality and care they should expect from their healthcare and medical cannabis provider.

The experience, transparency, traceability, and reliability of the output of crops uniquely positions Bragg Canna to translate its ability to meet demands of consumers and global brands to the medical market in order to care for the needs of patients, patients’ families, and healthcare professionals right here in the State of Mississippi.

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