Dark Chocolate & Medical Cannabis: A Unique Combination for Wellness?

Dark Chocolate & Medical Cannabis: A Unique Combination for Wellness?

Did you know that pairing dark chocolate with medical cannabis can create a powerful duo with potential health benefits? Below, you’ll find a few reasons to consider incorporating this unique combination. As always, patients are encouraged to consult their physician for more information and guidance regarding their healthcare needs.

• Enhanced Pain Relief: A study published in the European Journal of Pain found that the combination of cannabinoids and flavonoids in dark chocolate can synergistically alleviate pain (1).

• Mood Elevation: Research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders suggests that the cannabinoids in medical cannabis can positively impact mood, complementing the mood-enhancing properties of dark chocolate (2).

• Improved Sleep: According to a review in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, cannabinoids have shown promise in improving sleep quality and duration (3), which, when combined with dark chocolate’s serotonin-boosting effects, can promote better sleep.

• Appetite Stimulation: The appetite-stimulating effects of cannabis have been documented in various studies, including research published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology (4), making it a potential aid for those struggling with appetite issues.

• Anti-inflammatory Properties: Both dark chocolate and cannabis possess anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that the flavonoids in dark chocolate can reduce inflammation (5), while cannabinoids in cannabis have demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects in preclinical and clinical studies (6).

Remember to medicate responsibly and consult with a healthcare professional, especially if incorporating cannabis into your wellness routine.

Here’s to celebrating National Dark Chocolate Day with a twist of therapeutic delight!


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